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Vichy Mineral

Vichy Mineral 89 50ML

Vichy Mineral 89 50ML

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Skin barrier is the first line of defense that protects you against daily external aggressors like pollution, wind or temperature variations. Weakened, skin loses water and minerals, and becomes dehydrated and dull.

VICHY SOLUTION : A breakthrough skincare formula : a high concentration of 89% of Vichy Volcanic Water, naturally charged with 15 Essential Minerals, enriched with pure Hyaluronic acid to help strengthen skin's moisture barrier and make it more resistant to daily aggressors. Replenished with moisture, the skin is hydrated, looks toned and plumped. Day after day, the skin radiates with a healthy glow.

This formula contains:

89% Vichy Volcanic Water: Helps strengthen skin barrier and protect from exposome factors.

0.1% Pure hyaluronic acid : Helps hydrate and plump skin.

This formula is:

Tested under dermatological control

100% hypoallergenic

Alcohol-free, colorant-free and silicon-free


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