Meiyi Zest Massage Rub (Orange)

Meiyi Zest Massage Rub (Orange)

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You may receive old or new version of the product. All type of products shown in the website are all authentic. 

Available in 4 different colors/scent:
💜LAVENDER - Sleep / Purplene
🧡ORANGE -  Energy / Zest
💛YELLOW - Ginger & Tea / Lemonin
💚GREEN - Oliva Organica / Verdelin

Directions: Put a little product (as much as you can tolerate) on affected area on the skin and feel instant cooling effect. Wash your hands after. 

For Inhalation: relieve nasal congestion and dizziness, headache, stress relief and contains natural aroma that relaxes your mind.
✔Relieves backache, arthritis, and strains
✔Softens and helps relieve tension
✔Non-greasy and deep penetrating
✔Reduce inflammation and stiffness from muscles and joint
✔Soothes insect bite
✔Relieves nasal congestion,dizzines and headache
✔Relieves colic (kabag)