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Lanbena Pore Treatment Serum 15ml

Lanbena Pore Treatment Serum 15ml

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This pore-minimizing serum takes you one step closer to clearer, glass-like skin.**

✅Helps cleanse and clarify congested skin with astringent witch hazel extract and calming centella asiatica
✅ Banishes bacteria and clears clogged pores to make large pores appear smaller
✅Provides potent antioxidative benefits that protect skin against aging and damage with green tea extract
✅ Minimizes breakouts and calms redness with its ingredients’ combined anti-inflammatory properties
✅ Relieves dryness and promotes faster skin repair
✅ Leaves skin smoother, clearer, and more balanced
✅ Best used after a blackhead removal mask or pore strip

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