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Lanbena Hair Growth Essential Oil 20ml

Lanbena Hair Growth Essential Oil 20ml

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This luscious hair treatment is brimming with essential oils that boost hair growth. Powerful and effective, it’s designed to always be mixed with shampoo before use.

It helps strengthen the hair root, boost hair growth, and repair damaged follicle ducts with a blend of ginseng extract, grapeseed oil, and other natural ingredients. By activating the follicle, it can encourage healthy, glossy locks to thrive. It also soothes scalp irritation while protecting against hair loss and damage.

- Nourishes hair with ginseng extract, grapeseed oil, rosemary oil, and fleece flower root
- Strengthens the hair root and improves hair growth
- Activates hair follicles and repairs hair follicle ducts
- Helps treat scalp irritation and protects against further hair loss
- Great for damaged, thinning hair

OPTION 1: Mix into your bottle of shampoo (ratio: mix 3ml of hair growth oil into 100ml shampoo).
OPTION 2: Mix 1 drop of hair oil with shampoo on your palm before use.

This product is highly concentrated, do not use it alone or apply directly onto the scalp. Always dilute it with shampoo before use. Do not use product on pregnant women or children.

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