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Glutamax Light and Firm Facial Wash 50g

Glutamax Light and Firm Facial Wash 50g

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Goodbye to acne and hello to fairer and clearer skin with GlutaMAX Light and Firm Facial Wash! With consistent use, the Facial Wash cleanses deep-seated dirt in your skin, plus, firms and tightens your pores. It instantly gives a cool, soothing feeling and leaves a youthful glow to your skin! It contains the following active whitening ingredients: Premium Glutathione - safely whitens the skin Nanowhite Technology - safely inhibits the pigmentation process and reduces melanin synthesis for a luminous, even skin tone Superox-C - fights oxidative stress MicroScrub - exfoliates skin lightly Green Tea Extract - serves as an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agent that suppresses breakouts Witch Hazel Extract - minimizes your pores and treats acne Vitamin B3 - reduces appearance of skin blemishes Hydrolyzed Collagen - promotes firm and tighter skin Directions for use: Make sure to apply a sufficient amount and gently massage on your face. Rinse well. 

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