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Gluta Lipo Carb Control

Gluta Lipo Carb Control

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Slimming and whitening juice.

Consists of 10 sachets (20g) per 1 box. 

With Glutathione for Whitening, detoxification and anti-oxidant 

Proven safe and effective!

Product weight: 10 sachets (20g) per 1 box


How to use: Juice/Milktea - dilute 1 sachet in a glass of warm to lukewarm water, mix until powder is dissolved then add ice. *Coffee - dilute 1 sachet in a mug of hot water, mix until powder is dissolved, add ice for iced coffee.

Disclaimer for supplements: 

For adult use only. Keep out of reach of children. Not intended for children, pregnant, and lactating women.

If you are taking medication, consult your doctor before use.

Please consume 1-2 glasses of water after drinking the supplement.

No approved therapeutic claims.

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