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Eyebrow Trimmer

Eyebrow Trimmer

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【Anti-allergenic】The eye brow shaper trimmer is stainless steel blades and hypoallergenic .It is suitable for all skin types,no any redness,irritation or scratches,comfortable close eyebrow hair trimming 100% will not pull your hair,say goodbye to painful Wax and tweezers for hair removal

【Built-in LED Light】Simply push the button,eyebrow shaper razor and LED light will turn on at the same time,let you see even the finest hair during use,Instantly get smooth skin and perfect eyebrows.

【Effective and Multi-functional】Especially for the top,bottom and between the eyebrows,also for peach fuzz on your face,lips,chin,nose, after a few uses your hair will be softer and not grow thicker or darker (unlike razor cuts)

【Notice】Women can use it every other day (very safe),keep your skin clean when using the eyebrow epilator,no makeup on your face,no creams or lotions,etc.For best results,pull your skin tight while moving the brow trimmer in small circular motions or from side to side,and go over the same place several times

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