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Luxe Organix

Luxe Organix Velvet Salt Scrub 300G

Luxe Organix Velvet Salt Scrub 300G

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Luxe Organix Brightening Cloud Soap is formulated with Niacinamide and Licorice Extract that helps lighten skin from hyperpigmentation caused by UV damage.

With additional benefits from Vitamin C and Galactomyces ferment filtrate it helps brighten skin by reducing dark spots caused by acne.

It also helps even out skin tone and add moisture to reveal a brighter and natural glowing skin.

It also contains shea butter rich in fatty acids to help skin reduce more collagen, which reduces wrinkles and keep skin supple and elastic.

Add this best cloud soap by Luxe Organix to your bath essential and achieve suuple and elastic skin.

Benefits of Luxe Organix Cloud Soap:
- With Niacinamide, Vitamin C and Galactomyces
- Alcohol Free and Cruelty Free
- Made in Korea

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