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Butterfly Japan Footmask

Butterfly Japan Footmask

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Rejuvenating, pain-free foot mask that removes cracked, callused, dry skin to reveal new, baby-like skin

Butterfly baby foot peeling mask from Japan

Package contents include 1 foil bag with 1 pair of socks for a single use.

How to use the Butterfly Baby Foot Mask:

Thoroughly wash feet in warm water, exfoliate if necessary.

Dry feet, then remove masks from packaging and wear as socks, with normal socks over the masks. Wear for up to two hours (30 mins for sensitive skin).

Remove mask and rinse feet thoroughly with water.

Wait for peeling (can take up to 15 days). Can use another mask after 7 days to expedite the peeling process.

After peeling starts, soak feet nightly in warm water and vinegar. Gently exfoliate to remove dead skin. DO NOT PEEL. Do not use lotion or moisturizer on feet until after peeling process is complete.

Restart the process 20-30 days after peeling is complete to achieve desired results.

NOTE: You may feel tingling or warming sensations while wearing the masks. Remove socks immediately if you feel any burning.



Feet are newly peeled

Feet have cuts/wounds

You are allergic to alcohol

You have extremely dry skin

You are under 18 years of age

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