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Dear Face

Dear Face Beauty Milk

Dear Face Beauty Milk

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šš„š€š”š“š˜ šŒšˆš‹šŠšŸˆšŸ®

ā€” The yummiest, the healthiest, the creamiest, the most effective and the most affordable collagen + glutathione drink in the market! šŸˆšŸ®

Having trouble sleeping? Then try to take one warm glass full of Dear Face Beauty Milk šŸ„› ā€” experience the best sleep you could ever have! āœØšŸ˜“

An all in one beautifying, anti aging, brightening collagen drink powder that is made from premium ingredients straight from your favorite beauty and skin expert countries, Japan and Korea! šŸˆ

10sachets in 1pack.

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